Tour Announcement: Hanne & Lore

German Duo Steffen Neuhaus and Stefan Helmke have a way of incorporating all kinds of inspiration into their dance music. From running their own parties, music label and even their own record store, the duo have fast created name for themselves on the dance floors of Tresor, Flex, Hive and Watergate. They’ve played at festivals including Nature One, Rave on Snow, Nation of Gondwana and Helene Beach and will be doing a special visit to Melbourne in April at Onesixone and Breakfast club on Friday the 14th of April and Monday the 17th of April for Thick As Thieves.

Inspired by fashion, skating, video games and all kinds of forms of creativity, they use these different aspects to create an 80s-90s tech-house sound as they record on the road and in their studio. You can find their remixed tracks of artists including Melbourne favourite Super Flu, Monkey Safari, Tube & Berger, Andhim and many more. 

Have a listen to their Dance Trippin DJ Mix #469 by Hanne & Lore for a little taste of what will be two great nights not to be missed. 

thick as theives.jpg