Release: Martin King’s ‘The Way We Crush’ Review

Words: Nora Omar

Martin (not Luther) King’s new single is finally here. After years of on-and-off teasing, King has finally unleashed ‘The Way We Crush’. A song about how a crush manifests and changes feelings and relationships between two people.

‘In one way it is literally about crushing on someone, and how that manifests in the ways you act to one another. It’s about the anxiety of wanting to take a relationship from a purely physical level to one with feelings.’ – Martin King.

 The track starts with King’s soft, raspy voice weaving into keyboard tones, and is mixed with a range of slow-paced and fast-paced beats. Additionally, his track includes some back-up vocals and tones to add depth. As it progresses, it builds tempo and gains some percussion to compliment King’s voice. Somehow, this track amazingly manages to be considered ‘relaxed’ and ‘upbeat’ all at once. Towards the end it takes on another dimension and slows down, becomes a bit more minimalistic in its sound and solely focusses on King’s voice. The slightly glitchy sound leaves the songs genre unplaced and hard to define.

It’s catchy, it’s emotional and it’s understandable. The story behind the song is one that can resonate with anyone. King’s cleverly crafted words, paired with his intuition and understanding of electro beats is a fusion that allows the track to be considered different to what he (or any other Melbournian artist) has produced before.

King has been featured with other groups and singers of different genres as well. King is one half of ‘Oscar + Martin’ and is also in the group ‘The Harpoons’. And has even featured in Banoffee’s single ‘Do I Make You Nervous?’.

But forget the star-studded line up of friends he’s worked with, he’s even performed at major music festivals like Meredith, Sugar Mountain and Falls.

With the launch of his new single, King’s career is in full swing. His creative energy, passion and determination is going to lead to a busy and fulfilling 2017. You’ll definitely be hearing his name around town this year.

Listen to his brand new single ‘The Way We Crush’ here: