Interview: Patrice Baumel

Patrice Baumel has had a pretty damn diverse upbringing, having grown up in a small Eastern German town of Freital that was riddled with political conflict he witnessed during the time the Berlin wall fell. Seeing both sides of Capitalism and Communism have given him a sound sense of character, and from that he has a distinctive character within his music and his performances. He’s … Continue reading Interview: Patrice Baumel

Interview: MTLDA

It was only a few years ago when Matilda, AKA MTLDA, started her electronic music journey when she began promoting a disco and house night at Lounge in 2016. In 2017, she quickly saw herself going from dancer to DJ (with no original intention to do so) and began her career at Lux. She’s frequented the decks of local iconic locations and nights of Melbourne … Continue reading Interview: MTLDA