Feature: How To Kick-On

The Brits calls it after-jams, the States have named it the after-party but down under, we’ve crowned it kick-ons. Sure, the pre-drinks are great and the event was surely a hit, but the real party doesn’t start until you get to kick-ons. This is when the most magical part of the night starts. It’s the time when you make new best friends, share and uncover the best tunes and learn about party tricks you never knew possible—like how to use money for origami, balancing bevvies on your head like a Balinese woman or how to mix drum and bass tracks into Kylie Minogue. It’s the time where things get really weird and silly, inhibitions are thrown out the window, barriers are broken and levels of respect are heightened. Here’s how to crack-on by kicking-on.

  1. Be Open to New Friendships

The gig has finished and everyone is sprawled out onto the street, sharing speckles of tobacco with one another and someone suggests having kick-ons at yours. Blank random faces are staring at you and you know your neighbours will probably crack it if you bring a whole bunch of randoms but remember that all friendships started somewhere so be a good dude and bring them over! Think about all the great times you’ll have!


  1. What’s Mine is Yours

At this point of the night everyone’s running low on the bare essentials so try to come prepared. Maybe you’ve got some leftover baccy to share in exchange for old mate’s left over goonsack. What’s yours will undoubtedly become collective so ensure that whether it’s drinks, fun clothing or anything else you can think of, keep in mind that everyone will have a lot more fun sharing around and you want to be able to contribute. Also anything can be used as a mixer. By the time kick-ons are in full swing, the servo is probably shut up for the night until someone is willing to borrow some trackies at 9am and do the trek for a slab and a packet of darts. Which brings us to what to wear.

  1. Kick-on Sunnies are Crucial and No Pants Allowed


Explore new fashion at kick-ons. Who knew that speed dealer sunnies and a Japanese Kimono would go so well together? All hats are great hats and the girls have full permission to borrow the largest T-shirts of the boys to kick-on in.

               kickons8       kickons10

  1. Keep the Tunes Alive

Always remember that YOU are in control of the party vibe—keep the tunes to an uplifting tempo because you want to give everyone as much energy as possible. If you put your hand up to play on the decks, remember that you’ve got to battle through later on. If you start mixing, you’ve got to keep mixing so keep an ear out for when you’re next on to mix.


  1. Don’t Give Up

You will undoubtedly get to a point where you’re fucking knackered and you just want to pass out. Anyone who passes out is giving free permission to be covered in household or edible items. Once you remember how good a day can be, that’s all you need for motivation. Also, remember to take your shoes off if you’re going to pass out, otherwise you’re fair game to fuck with.

           kickons6       kickons4

  1. Respect House Rules and Good Vibes Only

Remember that the host is the person who has to clean up, deal with noise complaints and generally feels responsible for the fun of the guests so try to contribute your own flavour to kick ons without committing the ever deadly sin—bringing bad vibes. Be willing to get outside of your shell and get silly. Don’t be afraid to be yourself and be funny and remember that kick-ons is a special time where nothing in the world matters.


Enjoy your kick-ons, party people!

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