Ancient Futures: NewEarth Festival

Ancient Futures NewEarth Festival is far more than a Festival. It’s a global gathering of hearts and minds in one of the most beautiful and spiritual places on the planet in Ubud, Bali.

This year marks the birth of the gathering, which will see people from all walks of life and all corners of the globe co-creating a sustainable, solution based future through movement, learning, play, teaching and collaboration.


While there are many festivals in Australia that have a vision to bring people together and appreciate the land and life itself like Confest, Rainbow Serpent and Burning Seed, NewEarth Festival is about utilising information, sharing ideas, materials and technology to ‘shift paradigms, evolve collective consciousness’ and make an important difference in the world.

Many people turn a blind-eye to the solvable problems affecting so many people in the world today. There are so many who underestimate the power of their ability to make a difference through a dollar or a moment of their time to help make a better place. There are more than enough individuals who can work together and enough resources to change the shape of the world into something where people no longer need to suffer and where our climate and environment does not need to be damaged. Ancient Futures is a movement of more current festivals, moving away from traditional ‘doofs’ that focus on hedonism and escapism and are motivated towards the co-creational and developmental elements of community and action.


Want to know how we can make this possible? Autosea have been invited to take part in what Ancient Futures describes as ‘Burning Man meets TED Talks’.

The festival will begin with a Symposium featuring a line-up of speakers, innovators, musicians and artists that will inspire all those in attendance to be motivated to shape a better future for earth. There will be healing workshops from renowned healers, yoga and meditation. Representatives during the talks will come from Bali, Canada, Mexico, North America, Australia and Colombia, plus many more. Each evening of the five-day festival will be blessed with both live and electronic music and dance performances from all around the world. Some of the origins of performances include artists from Pakistan, India, California, Australia, Europe and featuring the traditional sounds of Bali.


Listen here for a special playlist featuring some of the sounds to be heard over the week.

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