Five artists to watch out for at Hopkins Creek Festival 2018

With a little over a month left until the third instalment of Hopkins Creek Festival, it’s right about the perfect time to start getting excited about the special selection of artists who will be coming down to the crater. And while the festival size might be small, the line-up is certainly not.

To help get you started, with difficulty keeping it to five, we’ve highlighted artists to keep an eye out for over the weekend.

Ess O Ess


Chris and Jamie are a couple of guys from the UK who love indulging in experimental organic house tunes, exploring their sound with the use of all kinds of weird and wacky samplings such as coconuts, bells and baboons. Yet they maintain a strong driving bassline throughout their tracks like the recognisable signature bass of Red Axes or Fantastic Man. Perfect for when you want to get a bit weird.



Ciel, or Cindy Li, is very talented lass. She’s a DJ, a producer, a radio host, a co-founder of the collective, It’s Not U It’s Me, a member of Discwoman, resident at Bambi’s and the creator of Toronto’s Work in Progress party series. She works hard to ensure female DJs get their chance to shine at events and she continues to turn heads as she becomes a regular mention across music media.

Mixmag, Resident Advisor, Crack and Red Bull Academy all claim she’s one to watch and there’s plenty of good reasons why. Think of Project Pablo, Mood Hut, Shanti Celeste, Boards Of Canada and Apex Twin all merged together into a special sound of laid-back house that oozes dreaminess. Her music is designed to have a hard boogie, a soft boogie or a sit-down chill along to it.



Paramida, a resident of Wilde Renate, has well and truly stepped outside the circle of what she believes as often “boring, serious and masculine” music in the electronic hub of Berlin. She doesn’t want to see people marching on the dancefloor, she wants to see people dancing — and so her groovy, sexy, Balearic-inspired tune selection will be worth seeing and listening to. Her music still manages to have a dark, naughty vibe but with many more uplifting elements that help ensure her set is not a bore.


Mitsuki takes regular refuge in his humble abode that is the Mole Music record store in Osaka, Japan but he’s hard to find anywhere else. He curates the shelves and spends his days discovering deep, minimal and playful house, plus co-hosts the “Deeperama” parties with DJ Sprinkles. His music is incredibly hard to come by on the world wide web so to have the great man in the volcanic crater of Hopkins Creek will be a special experience and not to be missed.

Fantastic Man

fantastic man.jpg

While Mic (AKA Fantastic Man) is from Melbourne, that doesn’t mean Melbournians get the chance to see him any more frequently. Which makes his appearance at Hopkins Creek even more special. The space/alter-dimensional vibe of the festival is the absolute perfect location to experience Fantastic Man’s huge array of spacey tunes which range from experimental New-Age ambience to tribal-acid sounds. His exceptional taste in music means every set is different to the last, and he’ll surely play some new bangers that you’ll be obsessed with months after the festival is all over.



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