Album Review: SFBM’s Council of Ashes

Words: Rene Shellis

Måinmise Records is an independent techno label based in Paris whose stylistic focus lies on the more hypnotic and industrial side of techno. Their latest release from the Melbourne artist SFBM is a driving textural exploration into the raw industrial realms of faster, harder rave techno. Featuring acidic synths, confrontational basslines and pounding kick drums, Council of Ashes is a welcoming retrofit into the rejuvenated genre.

’Cultural Division’ is a gritty introduction into the piece demonstrating SFBM’s choleric, fast-paced shift towards a darker sound. The remix produced by the mysterious entity that is ADMINISTRATOR is a fresh contrast, which adds a lighter element by implementing hypnotic chords and an assault of rhythmic high-hats. ‘Caustic Hornet’ is an intimidating composition introduced by a gritty kick, which is the driving force behind the steam powered chugging industrial engine. The final track ‘Lungpuncher’ showcases SFBM’s versatility in the studio by utilising breakbeats, a heavy, square bass line and a slower tempo. This mixed together with commanding vocals creates a head-banging aural experience capable of inciting a riot. All together, the EP serves as a valuable addition to the catalogue and showcases just a snippet of what SFBM has in the works. We are sure that there will be more to come.

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