Interview: Translate

Words by Rene Shellis

The Melbourne underground is a scene boasting diversity and a thirst for new sound. If you happen to be a connoisseur of electronic music there is little chance you haven’t heard of Translate (previously known as Melbourne Golden Age Sound).

A crew that tastefully connects us to our friends in Japan and works relentlessly to bring a unique vibe to their Tokyo Love Hotel parties. They have hosted a number of respectable internationals including Ken Ishii, Takaati Itoh, Toru Ikemoto and more, complimented with a catalogue of residents including; Kazuma Onishii, Alex Robertson, Juan – C, Pablo, Shunsuke, El Grey, Sweetland, Budini, Audio Bits. New Rhythms sat down with Monato and Kris to see what’s under the hood of this creative powerhouse.


NR: You have recently celebrated your first birthday! How has your year been ?

M: Our first year was challenging. We started from scratch with not much knowledge of how to run an event but we have a passion for techno. We keep trying and never give up and now we are here.

NR: First year is definitely make or break! What would you recommend for new promoters entering the scene?

K: I’d recommend pre-planning, giving yourself enough time for awareness, promotion and securing all of the important things like acts, artwork, venue, decor and most importantly target your clientele. Work hard and be close with your core team because they’re the ones that help you make it happen!

NR: You recently rebranded from ‘Melbourne Golden Age’ sound to ‘Translate’ what is the sentiment behind the decision?

M: Melbourne Golden Age Sound was a very random name, we had no time much till first party when we started so we put something together. After a few meetings with the crew we decided to change our name so we can develop and grow in the music industry.

K: We thought it was time for a rebranding. We decided on ‘Translate’ because each individual in the group can speak a second language so it seemed fitting.

NR: How did your first event end up?

K: Well… the first event was with Ken Ishii at My Aeon, it was 14 years since Ken had been in Australia and it was a very strong and successful party! We sold out and the place was rocking!

NR: What is Translates stylistic Focus? You mentioned techno before?

M: Yes techno with passion.


NR: You run an event called Tokyo Love Hotel, can you tell me a bit about that?

M: ‘TOKYO LOVE HOTEL’ is one of our main events we started in February this year. The concept is Japanese theme decor featuring Sake and techno. We book international artist from Asia and Europe. Our focus is bringing over Japanese techno artist so we can connect Japanese and Australian underground music. We would like to be gateway to people who don’t really listen underground music and make it more accessible.

K: Yeah and we’re very open to new artists, DJs and producers, we would like to give them a shot at our events. We’re open minded and know how hard and intimidating it can be to those that are new to networking.

NR: Is there anything different about the scene in Japan? Something you would like to adopt locally?

K: Japan has a very unique scene and some amazing clubs. Such a great vibe, you can really see the passion for music and the culture is definitely something that contributes to the energy. We try to bring the friendliness and new unique style by introducing Japanese decorum, Sake, encouraging punters to dress in kimonos and be respectful. We have had some incredible feedback over the year so there are only more great times ahead!

NR: Does Translate have anything in the works for the upcoming summer?

K: You betcha! Tokyo Love Hotel locked in on a monthly basis and we have a few international acts in the pipeline this summer… but I can’t tell you who!

Connect with Translate here: Facebook