Interview: Red Moon Tribe

Words: Rene Shellis

Happiness, creativity and togetherness. These are just some words to describe the Red Moon Tribe, a collective of loving spirits who have come together to run some of the most inclusive events as of late.

The tribe is mostly known for their popular underground events, and skill in transforming them into colourful dance floors which has propelled them into the club scene. Featuring plenty of talent from their residents Chris Hall, Mac, PG, MNMLT, Elias, Phil Seitzer and WISER.

New Rhythms sat down with Mico, one of the founding fathers of the crew, to discuss his thoughts about Red Moon Tribe and their brand Renegade.


NR: Big things are happening for you guys, Nick Warren coming in November and the 6th addition of Renegade at My Aeon, you must be pumped!

MM: Life is good. We are very happy and very grateful.

NR: This will be your first international act which is a pretty big deal. Why do you think Red Moon has accumulated so much success?

MM: We provide an open space for creativity and we cultivate a culture of respect. People can come and have fun and dance. The right people are drawn to that energy and the tribe gets bigger

NR: Definitely, something I’ve always noticed at your events is the energy in the space it’s something you can’t pay for, the feeling of togetherness, the vibe. Tribe is definitely an accurate name.

MM: That’s exactly it. Thanks for coming and being a part of it. We appreciate that.

NR: How did you come up with the name ?

MM: It rolls off the tongue, and it represents our non-conformist approach.

NR: Your Renegade parties are going strong? Any favourite moments/highlights?

MM: Our favourite moment is when we get lost in the music with each other.


NR: You guys have strived to find some pretty cool locations for your warehouse parties, why do you think people enjoy these underground events so much ?

MM: I think everyone has their own reason, but for most it’s because the vibe is next level. Freedom and family.

NR: What are your plans for the future? What are some other artists you’d like to host ?

MM: We like to leave that as a surprise, but I can tell you that we will be introducing live music to accompany the DJs. Didgeridoos and drums for sure!

Connect with Red Moon: Facebook/Soundcloud

Events: Renegade VI/Nick Warren (UK) Melbourne Show