New Release: Peter Vogelaar and DJ Madrid’s ‘All Saints Ascension’ remix

Peter Vogelaar and the talented Chicago-native DJ Madrid have just released a groovy new Afro-beat inspired track – the remix of Thievery Corporation’s touring back-up vocalist and percussionist, Frank Orrall (aka leading man of Poi Dog Pondering).  The two have regularly supported one another, with DJ Madrid spinning support before Orrall played. They had both discussed doing some remixes of Poi tracks but it wasn’t util Madrid was looking for material with Peter Vogelaar and they decided that they would produce together.

“We have been avid fans of 70s AfroBeat artists such as Fela & Femi Kuti, Tony Allen and William Onyeabor for years when we hooked up with Frank Orrall and heard ‘All Saints Ascension’ (that) we knew it was perfect for us to put an Afrobeat rub on it,” said Vogelaar in a statement.


You can listen to the track here.