New Rhythms Interview: Cuartero

Award-winning Spaniard Cuartero has quickly made a name for himself. He’s been releasing music only since 2009 and since then, has managed to grow his personal DJ brand quicker than most. In 2015 he was titled Best Newcomer DJ at the DJ Awards and then in 2017 he won Best Tech House Artist and Artist Of The Year at the Vicious Music Awards.

His sound features on diverse labels, including Desolat, Saved Records, Noir, Hot Creations, Repopulate Mars, Moon Harbour Recordings, Witty Tunes and Waveform Recordings. He achieves a sound that’s malleable and diverse, and has no issue producing music from a varying range of sub-house genres

This week he’ll be popping down to Revolver for the very first time for the beginning of a short and sweet tour down under. New Rhythms spoke with Cuartero before his awaited arrival and spoke about his perceptions of Australia, the beautiful island of Ibiza and his dream B2B.

New Rhythms: You’ve never toured Australia before! What’s your perception of Australia and how do you expect your set will differ to Ibiza and other major cities you play in regularly around the world?

Cuartero: I can’t wait to be there. I heard that the crowd is really good, a fun place to play. I will play as usual.

New Rhythms: You’re a strong believer in staying true to your sound. Can you describe how your tech-house sound differs to others?

Cuartero: That would reveal my secret, haha!

New Rhythms: How were you first inspired by this sound and how do you retain your sound whilst keeping your productions exciting and fresh?

Cuartero: It’s something that always liked and wanted to create by myself and create my own sound.

New Rhythms: Can you describe what the scene is like in Ibiza? Paint a picture for our readers who have never been there before and tell us a little bit about your Amnesia residency.

Cuartero: It’s a beautiful island full of breathtaking places.

Amnesia is a club everyone should go at least once in their life, especially to see the terrace, I love playing there. I’ll be playing there 10 times this season, so hope to see you there!

New Rhythms: Do you think that the music scene in Ibiza is a challenging or prosperous scene to be in for talent discovery? Is there a saturation of artists that makes it difficult for upcoming artists to emerge? Or do you think it’s easier to make it as a DJ there?

Cuartero: There is a lot of talent on the island but is saturated and having a lot of big names every day playing everywhere eclipse the young talents.

New Rhythms: What’s been your favourite set you’ve played of all time?

Cuartero: Plaza de la musica, Cordoba 2016

New Rhythms: Who would be your ultimate favourite B2B?

Cuartero: Laurent Garnier.