Music News: Clarian Release New Single And Remix From Local Legends

Words: Stefanos Mak

Clarian’s debut LP Television Days was recently released via Balance Music. The synth-
drenched album is packed full of feel-good tunes and catchy hooks, with each track
seamlessly blending into the next. Whether it’s due to a broken relationship, life
experience or societal challenge, his lyrics always tell a story.

It’s always fun discovering a new artist, and after Clarian’s debut album dropped I took the time to sift through his list of work to date. Among many singles and EPs, the list includes collaborative releases with the iconic Tiga, a handful of remixes, and a slightly bizarre track called ‘qqqqqqqqqq’.

This time, Clarian has provided listeners with a remastered version of the LPs title-track
alongside some really outstanding remixes from a few great artists. The remix pack hosts three remixes, one from progressive dream-house legend Guy J, up and coming German producer Tim Englehardt, and Analog Stars (the combined efforts of Melbourne’s Phil K and Danny Bonnici).

If you’re into dance music and you’re not familiar with Guy J, you’ve probably been living under a rock, but on the plus side you’ve got some great music to catch up on. Tim has also been busy building his list of credentials, the youngster has signed his records to Innervisions, Poker Flat and Cityfox to name a few, and he’s worked with and remixed artists BOg, Super Flu, Miguel Bastida and more.

If I was going to pick a favourite remix of the three, although it’s difficult to go past Guy and Tim as great as they are, for me the local Melbourne lads Analog Stars have really done something unique with their take on ‘Television Days’.

As Clarian put it, their “playful and uplifting retake” really stands out from the pack, which is impressive, considering the stature of their fellow remixers. The disco-reminiscent track could sit just as well being played live by a band as it does by a DJ. Perhaps Clarian will humour the idea during one of his live shows?

In all the ‘Television Days’ remastered single and remix pack are of the highest stature and deserve every bit of credit it receives. I’m looking forward to hearing whoever Clarian decides to work with next because if his list of affiliated artists is anything to go by, there’s some quality records coming our way.