Interview: Deep Bali Records

Emerging from the tropical paradise of Bali comes the newly founded label, Deep Bali Records. There is no doubt that this label has been serving up some of the most beautiful downtempo tunes that we’ve heard in awhile.

With a mission to promote music that is created with purpose, Deep Bali Records is also closely involved with The Bali Children’s Project, a charity organization that aims to create education possibilities for the children of Bali.

Immediately touched in the heart, New Rhythms had the pleasure of chatting with one of its founders, Andrejean, about the creation of the label, the sound it encapsulates and the label’s involvement with the Bali Children’s Project.


Hi Andrejean. Thank you for allowing us this interview. To begin, can you tell us a little bit about how Deep Bali Records was formed?

My label was initially called Deep House Bali, and functioned as a platform to repost and share content. The label quickly began to gain recognition from the owner of Lump Records, Jorge Karloza, a major ethno & multicultural music label. He quickly joined the project, bringing all his experience as a professional in the music industry.

Since then, we have been working together to create an aesthetic that defined our priorities- to create sounds that could invoke a spiritual experience. So, Deep Bali Records was born. Our label has only existed for six months, but continues to grow very quickly from day to day.

How would you describe the sound that is taken on by Deep Bali Records?

Deep Bali Records frames into the research of sounds that come from cultures in which music is part of the spiritual process of awakening.

Do you guys run any parties in Bali that we should check out?

 At the moment, our effort is mainly focused on growing our platform digitally. Thanks to the support of many artists, our music has expanded their frontiers worldwide. In the future, we are anticipating some specific presentations in Bali, as we are collaborating with several festivals and venues.

What is the Bali Children’s Project and how did this come about?

The Bali Children’s Project is a non-profit charity registered in USA and Indonesia. The Project recognizes the cycle of rural poverty driven by lack of education, especially for young girls. The Project’s slogan, ‘escaping poverty through education,’ aims to create more education possibilities for the children of Bali.


Once our label was established, it was time to decide what to do with our platform, as we really wanted to do something different. By chance, I discovered The Bali Children’s Project Facebook page. Being very passionate about Bali, its culture and its people, I was touched that all these people were fighting hard to change the fate of these children. Jorge and I had a talk and came to a decision in minutes… We had found a way to make our project a human, useful and unique endeavor.

What have been some outcomes of working with Bali Children’s Project?

As a new attempt of re-connecting music to a spiritual path, there is a big motivation of giving from the heart. Music should be conceived beyond the limitations of ego and this is our way to give back to society, by giving any income that comes from the label to those who really need it.

How are we able to contribute and donate to Bali Children’s Project?

By downloading any track from our discography on Bandcamp, any income made will go to the Bali Children’s Project. Donations are sent out every six months, and these donations directly benefit children living in poverty, providing them with education opportunities so that they are able to create a better future for themselves and their families.