Event Review: Solomun Warehouse Party

UNTITLED and T1000’s Solomun warehouse party could be described as pretty next level.

The event featured an undoubtedly epic location at the Wool Store in West Footscray, and left anyone without a ticket feeling pretty disappointed, and deservingly so.

Resembling the great Berghain mecca itself, the long-dormant factory made the perfect venue to fit thousands of party people to enjoy the three time ‘Best DJ in the world’, Solomun.

Berghain is certainly a venue hard to beat, but the location that UNTITLED had secured was closely comparable to it. Rather than the dark and mysterious maze and absolutely-anything-goes policy of the Berlin institution, this venue offers a derelict arena for those who love to party in large and freeing open spaces, rather than the dark, sticky floors of a superclub.

While great venues in Melbourne are knowingly hard to come by, the Solomun warehouse party has shone optimism on the industry, giving dance music lovers hope.

Hope that the parties won’t be the same, due to a place where more people can gather together at one venue, enjoying the company of one another. It was a venue that truly exceeded our expectations and we can’t wait to see what world-class DJs will feature in the warehouse next.

Michael Woods - Solomon 2018-7_preview
Photo: Michael Woods

The party kicked off at 2pm, with Cassettes For Kids and Boogs having the privilege of entertaining the crowd, which arrived bright and early and caught a glimpse of the sun before it was cruelly taken away by a standard Melbourne storm.

Unfortunately, the dreary weather meant the second stage was rained out, but at least those on the set list were able to enjoy the party.

Following the local favourites was Interstellar Fugitives, who played a fun breakbeat heavy set with a hint of Crystal Waters’ ‘She’s Homeless’ and a strong Bicep vibe to go with it.

Market Memories took to the stage after the talented girls, playing favourites including ‘Infinity’, Booka Shade’s ‘In White Rooms’ and Bicep’s ‘Glue’, to hit the nail on the head for Melbourne’s most beloved tracks.

The following three hours saw Solomun take to the stage with a set that was almost indescribable. 

To explain in mere words is quite a task, but the reaction of his set as videos circulated the internet around the world said a lot for how impressive it was. Many people stated that the set was one of the best he’s ever performed, even better than a lot of his residency Ibiza sets.

The sound, which was better heard from the front half of the warehouse, increased when Solomun took to the stage, increasing the excitement of all on the dancefloor.
The quality of the sound taking up such a large space was profound. Solomun played his set predominantly with heavy and extended build ups with highly anticipated clean, clear drops, taking attendees on an absolute rollercoaster from start to finish.

Michael Woods - Solomon 2018-168_preview
Photo: Michael Woods

With intergalactic space soundscapes and bass drops equivalent to a launching rocket ship, his set was one that won’t be forgotten easily. He played a track list of favourites, with Ame’s ‘Rej’, OC & Verde’s ‘Maasai’ and his own remix of Foals’ ‘Late Nite’ being a few of our personal favourites. Solomun transitioned between ultimate favourites and tracks some may refer to as the unknown, which was a true testament to the deep music knowledge and long experience he has as a world class DJ.

Not to be forgotten was the mind-blowing and breath-taking visuals by the incredibly talented virtual jockey, Matt Jens. Even whilst the sun was up, the colours exploding from the stage were something special, with flashing lazers, spheriscans, LED coils and panels complementing the hours of pure musical bliss perfectly.

As the sun set, the light show became more intense, with colours of the rainbow bursting from the light panels and corresponding perfectly with the mood of each tune. The LED coils carried the energy from the stage all the way through the dark warehouse and mirrored a level in the video game Spyro the Dragon, where points are collected by way of flying through magical, colourful hoops.



It is also important to note that the visual effects were created without the use of a video screen, which is a testament to the team behind the incredible light show.

Everyone who made this event happen did an excellent job, and their efforts should be commended. We’re sure the many punters who bought a ticket with a price a little more than usual for one headliner had a great time, and the team made sure it was worth every penny.

The venue, the lights and even the reasonably priced bar, with plenty of staff available, made for what can easily be described as a perfect event.
We can’t wait for what’s in store next.