Blacksheep: Selection of the Week #4 – MELOMAN

The selection is back with a new genre for a new exploration of what music can bring into our ears. We all have this good feeling when a melody touch us for a reason we can or cannot explain. It can come from the memory of a sound, a moment, a person or anything that will feel familiar and will be transform in pleasure, that’s mostly why we listen to music I would say. But this time, I will talk about what kind of melody we can find in electronic music. It’s always more appreciated when a music can be describe as a journey, something that will bring more than just a beat and maybe work on your brain. So this is what I recently find in term of “Melodic” and “Trippy” electronic music.

First I start with some melodic 80’s vibes remix from the Zombies in Miami of the Berliner J.E.E.P. on Galaktika Records. We turn on the left with some more house and groove with the synthesizer that works really well on our ears especially with good headphones, I present Universo and his Ep released on STEP Recordings of the famous Catz N’ Dogz. Next Leo Leal brings more a deep atmospheric dub techno with some similarity with Prince of Denmark or Nthng. Dwig is more minimal and deep house as the following Jamie Porteous. Demian, a French from Paris did one of my favourite of the moment, sadly is a preview but hope you will enjoy those 2 minutes ;). The KØSTER Edit is just a beauty born 5 years ago and still very powerful. The next is more minimal techy but have something interesting that worth our attention : Azteca Bolivar, produced on Akbal Mudic. Isolée comes back with a great Ep on Maeve from Mano Le Tough, Baikal and The Drifter. And we close this selection with an ambient track from 96 and super trippy!

Enjoy the selection and have a good weekend!

Hi! I’m Blacksheep, a music lover like all of you. Born in France, travelling the world in search of new sounds, new atmospheres, new crowd and new cultures has been essential. Djing through Lyon, Geneva, Berlin, Guangzhou, Seoul, and just landed in Australia in the beautiful city of Melbourne for a new adventure.