Why you should go to Dimensions Festival

15385535_992658097507444_5290911403381111703_oThe unique setting of Dimensions Festival along the Croatian coast appeals to many festivalgoers.

Croatia’s Dimensions Festival has quickly become a favourite amongst underground music lovers.

Surrounding an abandoned Roman fort in Pula alongside the Adriatic Sea, the festival has a higher technical specification of sound systems than you will find at any other festival of its size, and is the perfect place to enjoy the deep end of electronica and the finest in house, techno, world, disco, dubstep and other electronic sounds.

With chilled beats playing during the daytime beach sessions, daily boat parties taking off from the harbour and a main stage situated in an abandoned 19th century fort at night, you can’t go wrong at the five-day party.

Mitch Guy spoke to three Melbourne-based partygoers about their experiences at Dimensions Festival.

img_5660Melbourne’s Mitchell Gee rated the location and stage layout at Dimensions.

Autosea co-founder and DJ Mitchell Gee was on a five-week trip across Europe in 2016 where partying came first and sightseeing was second. Dimensions Festival satisfied his thirst for good times.

What did you enjoy about Dimensions?

Starting the day off at the beach before moving to the main stages was definitely a good way to cruise into the full swing. The crowd was also very interactive and created a huge vibe for the world-class acts on the bill.

What was your highlight of the festival?

The main festival grounds were set up well with the festival being easy to navigate, even when you were heading for stages situated in nooks and crannies. Being able to easy migrate from the day beach parties to the night program sets the festival apart.

Best set?

I was spewing when I found out Midland and Larry Heard were clashing. I opted for Larry Heard as it was his first performance in 20 years and he didn’t disappoint. The vocals were crisp, clear and sounded just like the recording, and the whole show was spot on!

Any tips for people attending the festival?

If you’re going to opt to stay in an Airbnb or hostel instead of camping, then ensure your place is within walking distance of the festival.

fb_img_1487225872088  Dimensions Festival was a highlight of Ringo Thomas’s six-month trip across Europe and South East Asia in 2015.

Autosea co-founder and DJ Ringo Thomas was two months into a six-month trip across Europe and South East Asia in 2015 when he stopped by Dimensions. The festival was an incredible experience for him and was a highlight of his travels.

What did you enjoy about Dimensions?

The entire vibe was unreal. We were lucky to have 30 degree days every day, but the entire crew of people were there for the same thing – to enjoy good music in a picturesque setting and get really loose. The music was off its head and the overall production was unreal.

What was your highlight of the festival?

The beach stage was incredible – to spend nine hours there every day warming into the night was awesome. I thought the progression of live music and jazzy, funky soul you’d get on the beach, which built into banging techno in a castle up on the hill, was about as good as it gets.

Best set?

Floating Points absolutely killed it for me, but George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic playing live was one of the highlights of my entire trip.

Any tips for people attending the festival?

Prepare yourself. We loved camping but if you can nab an Airbnb within half an hour’s walk from the festival it’s definitely worth it, in the interest of longevity and being able to last out the whole festival.

img_1060Matt Stringfellow had the time of his life at Dimensions Festival in 2015.

While Autosea DJ Matt Stringfellow was venturing across Europe with three of his best mates in 2015, a visit to Dimensions was a no brainer. The festival did not disappoint in all aspects.

What did you enjoy about Dimensions?

I honestly don’t even know where to start! I was a big fan of having the beach parties for day time vibes, and then heading up to the fort at night to let your hair down. Going for a swim each morning was the only thing keeping me alive. I loved the lineup – whilst there was a wide array of genres, there was also a level of intricacy right across the board. Whether it’s in producing or mixing, or even some of the bands, they were always pushing boundaries.

What was your highlight of the festival?

The scenery and location was absolutely beautiful and so surreal. From the beach party during the day, to dancing to Ben Klock in the moat – everything was so unique. It was truly an experience you couldn’t get anywhere else.

Best set?

I couldn’t look past Delano Smith, an absolute genius. Special mention to Moodymann and Max Graef, who were both clinical in their own right.

Any tips for people going to the festival?

Make friends with the English!

Dimensions Festival is held in Pula, Croatia from August 30 to September 3.

Tickets are still available via the Dimensions website and you can check out the Facebook event here.

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