Blacksheep: Selection of the Week #3 – RETRO

If there were a particular kind of sound of the moment, something we’re all tending to listen to, I would say that we are going back to the 80’s. After the great success of “Stranger Things”, I keep listening to 80’s sounds everywhere and it seems like people enjoy it. To follow with the Funky Disco selection of last week, I can’t do better than sharing an “retro” playlist.

The 80’s represents a lot of different movements but brings most of the electric sounds in the music we are listening to today. Synthesizers are expressing something new and a New Wave of music is being produced.

To start off the third edition of Blacksheep’s playlist is a track of a Greek artist named Gioumourtzina and remixed by Vercetti Technicolor that features classic 80’s vibes. Next, the duo Berlin based “Pardon Moi” with a nice touch of New Wave. Have you heard of Bell Towers? Maybe yes! Because the other Berlin based artist is originally from Melbourne and made a new release on Public Possession (see selection #1). The Emperor Machine is presenting in the best way what you can find on Nein Records from London own by Ian Considine and Neil Parnell aka Tronik Youth. Credit00 on Uncanny Valley says already too much just by the name. Antenna talk 80’s and Lo Fi with this beautiful track Nokia. I added just a little bit of Italo Disco with Le Blanc Casanova for more diversity. Too end, a very talented producer, Timothy J. Fairplay that will raise the bpm and get a bit darker.

Enjoy the selection and share it if you like it!

Hi! I’m Blacksheep, a music lover like all of you. Born in France, travelling the world in search of new sounds, new atmospheres, new crowd and new cultures has been essential. Djing through Lyon, Geneva, Berlin, Guangzhou, Seoul, and just landed in Australia in the beautiful city of Melbourne for a new adventure.