News: Soul Clap to Hit Australia – March 2017

Words: Rosie Chong

Hitting the Australian music scene again in March 2017 is Brooklyn duo Soul Clap. The US duo are set to perform at major electronic festivals across the country, including Sets on the Beach in Perth, Sydney’s Days Like This Festival and Victoria’s gig festival Pitch Festival set in the Grampians, as well as Laruche club in Brisbane.

This major Australian tour follows the release the duos latest self-titled record that brings a new funky beat to the electronic scene. The album creates a vintage vibe with tracks such as ‘Numb’ and ‘Shine – This Is It’, with these fresh tunes reminding one only of talents such as Eli Goldstein.

These recently announced Australian shows bring excitement to the funk and electronic music scenes, as Soul Clap have established themselves for many years with a unique hybrid vintage funk voice.

Soul Clap are no strangers to the industry, finding their fame back in the 90s through versions of house edits, with the duo becoming a common name across the Boston sound front. The iconic duo built a name for themself with their first electronic album titled EFUNK, that featured an accumulation of collaborations, designed to be listened to only on vinyl. The duo followed this successful record with collaborations with Gerogie Clinton aka Funkadelic, a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee.

‘A synth-soaked romp, with clever, variant percussion breaking up the layers of sustained synths and shimmering, playful sweeps’ – Stereogum

Soul Clap’s fame did not stop here, with the duo perfecting their sound across the world through live sets that continue to bring fresh tracks and remixes of artists. As naturally born stage performers, Soul Clap encapsulates a crowd wherever they perform, perfectly combining a charming sound and their rounded humour.

‘They may wear 80s and 90s influences on their sequinned sleeves, but they blend neon-splattered nostalgia with a crisp futurism thanks to their experimental production techniques.’ – BBC

Following the recent release of their latest self-titled record, the duo have recently returned to their roots performing at their third Boiler Room set at the Marcy Hotel in Brooklyn. This live set builds on top of their already established music careers, presenting unheard live instrumentation with unique vocals, which are easily unmatched.

Click here for their Sugar Mountain Boiler Room set.

At the biggest California music festival going around, Coachella, the vibrant 90s duo took over the 2016 Palm Springs dessert extravaganza, performing a softer side that they seldom showcase. This set was purely dedicated to the late passing of music great Prince, creating for a humbling and memorable performance.

Tickets are available online for the four Australian performances that kick off next March, with tickets selling out fast. Fans are encouraged to purchase their Soul Clap tickets, as to not miss their limited Australian performances from the funky duo.