New Release: Oscar Key Sung Shares Shallow

Words: David Class

In his four solo EP efforts and collaborations with Andras Fox, Oscar Key Sung has proven to possess an inventive style, blending RnB and futuristic pop sounds. Oscar’s voice retains a fragile quality that is light and trembling, speaking to the listener’s inner vulnerabilities. His instrumentations are typically slow and warped, radiating with a sensuality reminiscent of FKA Twigs.

Recently the Melbourne artist has been staying busy performing, regularly playing DJ sets across Australia. Original material has been limited as of late, but Oscar keeps it buzzing with remix tracks.

His latest single Shallow (released via Melbourne label ‘Good Manners’) brings an upbeat tempo uncommon to his distinctively airy, euphoric type of sound. Aptly released on Valentine’s Day the track brings to mind a dark and sweaty club romance.

Eyes locking from opposite sides of the room, to meeting and grinding somewhere in the middle. An MD fueled celebration of immediate love.

In his own words, Oscar describes the track as speaking to “a type of love that even though it is constantly bringing up adversity, you simply can’t turn away from it. Some absurd force draws you to each other.”

To break it down, Shallow begins with some warped chords, leading into Oscar’s characteristically delicate voice. He plays off the continuous bouncy beat and it certainly makes you want to dance and sing along with him. The instrumentation is mostly minimal, which gives the song a stripped back quality and allows Oscar’s voice to take the spotlight.

Distorted notes and expressions appear and disappear. This works perfectly against the consistent minimal beat. As Oscar reaches the chorus some layers of chords add up, but a spacey style is still retained. Directly following the chorus is the high-pitched sound of a set of string being plucked at. Think the theme from “Psycho”. The piercing sounds may be jarring to some listeners, and understandably annoying.

But, if Oscar is trying to convey a love that is “constantly bringing up adversity”, it may be in this assault to the senses. With that said, it goes without saying that the song oozes with sexuality. Oscar’s breathy voice recalls the sweaty club imagery, and the minimal, bare bones style tunes into carnal emotions. The track is a good return from the young prodigy. A definite call to love.