News: Hold Tight Announce Clark (Warp Records) Melbourne Show with Oscar Key Sung (Single Launch)

Words: Max Devine

The unique sounds of UK producer Clark is set to blast the Night Cat in Fitzroy for a special, one-off show on February the 24th . Here is a one-night- only opportunity for Melbourne’s dance scene enthusiasts to experience what I like to call the Manchester sound (though Chris Clark has lived all over England) a more steadily paced, industrial kind of music which hails back to the spacious soundscapes of New Order back in the 1980’s.


Since the age of just twenty, Clark has been the signature artist of UK label Warp since the age of just twenty, and has refined his sound and presence as a performer across eight studio albums and innumerable tours across Britain and Europe. Now based in Berlin, Clark also has a style unique amongst many contemporary producers, in that audiences are not just turning out to watch a guy play around with his laptop.

Everything is recreated through live instrumentation, creating an engaging and intricate-looking centrepiece for the venues at which he performers, which have included Berghain, in Berlin and the Pritzker Pavillion in Chicago, as well as festival appearances at Sonar Tokyo and Taico Club.

Numerous sets can be seen on the online Boiler Room forum.

Clark will be presenting tracks from last year’s album “The Last Panthers” but we’re sure fans can expect some tried and tested favourites to pop up along the way.

Joining Clark will be Melbourne producer Oscar Key Sung will be announcing his new show before he sets off for S x SW in the United States. A newcomer whose sound is lorded as a cross between “R’n’B’s golden past and pop’s near future” (Niche Productions) Key Sung offers what promises to be an eclectic and powerful soundscape to introduce us to introduce us to club night Hold Tight, presented by Niche Productions and Good Manners. Hope to see you there!