Event Review: VAMOS Sundays at New Guernica

Words: Brianna Demiri

When the Melbourne sun came down at Piknic Électronik, the graveyard shift DJs at Vamos Sundays came out to play. The party-goers at Piknic Électronik were not quite ready to return home, eagerly willing to end the long weekend on a high note. So we made our way across to New Guernica, to burn off the energy we had built up throughout the day. Autosea’s presence at Vamos Sundays catered for a perfect techno treat to top it all off.

The distant, blaring sounds of Sleep D could be heard as we made our way up the staircase, the lights began to dim and faint smoke filled the air. His deep yet simplistic tracks invited the crowd to be a part of his exotic vibe. DJ Deen Ariff’s electric soundtracks kept us on our feet from 11 until midnight and as we waved our hands in joy, moving to the rhythm, it was evident that DJ Deen had the crowd enticed from the moment he took control of the kitchen. The crowd occasionally wandered from the kitchen to the main room where you could hear sounds from Sleep D, Kiti, Sundelin and Luke Stein.

Following DJ Deen’s finale, Paul Lynch ushered the crowd into another dimension altogether. Drink in one hand, partner in the other- this is how we enjoyed the remainder of our night. As we looked around at the array of faces it wasn’t difficult to notice the energy amongst the crowd. Each individual had a smile plastered on their face, eyes shut, heads to the sky, as they swayed their hands to the sounds, taking in every beat that blared through the speakers. The atmosphere could be described as simply mesmerizing. The crowd paid no mind to anything other than what DJ Deen dished out on the decks in that very moment, so much so we were unfazed by the slight spillage of their drinks.


The cleverly adorned venue was the perfect scene for Vamos Sundays, bringing Piknic Électronik indoors after typical festival hours. The remaining festival-goers had their backpacks on their shoulders, sneakers on their feet and their mind on a heavy beat. And when the dancing became too much, a private area with plush cushions and a gazebo-like setting intertwined with ivy was the perfect retreat to rest our sore feet and attempt to make conversation amongst the vibrating sounds.

Mitchell Gee and Boyd Knox carried the crowd throughout the remaining hours of the night until sunrise. Each act seemed to have their own input as to how they would entertain the crowd for the brief time they spent in the spotlight. Nonetheless, Autosea’s powerful kitchen line up of techno numbers kept the crowd buzzing throughout the night, so much so that the night seemed to be over all too soon. Vamos Sundays was truly an unforgettable experience, a spectacular way to end an eventful long weekend.