The Smokers Review: 161 Downstairs (165 Courtyard)

Event: The Breakfast Club (Every Monday day/night)

Have you ever heard the saying “to make something out of nothing”? It seems once upon a time the downstairs alleyway next to 161 was absolutely nothing and has consequently been turned into something. Also known as the 165 courtyard/smokers, this small dungeon-like spot is no more than a few square metres of space created for any unfortunate nicotine lover to get their fix.

No more than a handful of people can be crammed into the space which has an enclosed roof without a window into the outside world. There is no ventilation for the smoke to escape so there is no need to scab a durry as the second hand smoke is enough to do the trick. Every time the door opens and closes, people must shuffle and squirm in order for any new comers to enter or people to depart the downstairs dungeon.

The dark and dingy alleyway is the kind you would never walk down by yourself after-hours in fear of never coming out alive. This being said, any excuse to rub up on someone “accidentally” is easily accomplish-able when the width of the lane is less than a meter wide.

Although tiny in comparison to other smokers, the lack of space creates a sense of intimacy and forces conversation with your immediate surrounding smokers. The lack of oxygen ensure smoko break to be a short time and encourages everyone back onto the dance floor!

The 161 downstairs smokers gets a rating of: 1.5/5 darts

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