Interview: Brioche, Terraform

Terraform has been making some waves at the moment, putting on spectacular psychedelic shows across Melbourne and interstate. To dig in deeper and find out what this collective is all about we talked to Brianne who is an active member in the crew.

NR: You mix under the alias Brioche, what is your stylistic focus?

B: My area of interest would have to be melodic and progressive Techno. I grew up playing the piano and the cello so I am very drawn to instrumental sounds. It wasn’t until I started DJing that I started exploring electronic music with instrumental and organic elements. I gather my inspiration from artists such as ANNA and Hidden Empire, and Matan Caspi, Giorgia Angiuli and Sebastian Leger. I’ve also recently been experimenting with downtempo music.


NR: You help run a collective as well? How does your style carry onto this brand?

B: I am part of two collectives: Perks and Terraform. Cam Richardson (aka Kisler), myself and three others run Terraform Collective. We  specialise in psychedelic House and Techno. We target our sounds to be hypnotic and progressive. I was invited to join this new collective as the sounds I DJ cater to what the brand strives for. The five of us are close friends and we regularly meet to brainstorm creative ideas as well as organise and plan our upcoming events. As for Perks, the brand targets organic sounding Techno, which is exactly what I love to play. I played regularly at their events and was eventually invited to join their collective.


NR: Can you tell us a bit more about Terraform? Whats the story behind the name? 

B: The idea of Terraform as a collective was created by Cam Richardson (aka Kisler). The definition of the term ‘Terraform’ is ‘to alter the environment of a space or celestial body to better support life.’ Which is used to describe our brand which showcases hypnotic, progressive and psychedelic House and Techno. He raised interest to those he knew that would be keen to be involved. There are 6 of us in our core crew which includes myself (Brioche), Cam (Kisler), Nino (DJ name: Zio), Simon (DJ name: Baby Bins) and Tim and Toufie (DJ names: Malibu Who).

NR: You recently went interstate and held an event in Adelaide, how did that go?

B: My good friend Ellie Walsh invited a bunch of us to go over to Adelaide to play at the venue ‘Ancient World’. We decided it would be a takeover for Terraform as we could all play very similar styles. It was such an amazing experience! It was the first time we’ve done an interstate takeover so it was really good to bring the brand outside of Melbourne. Figuring out the expected number of people attending was something we struggled with as our social circle of friends wasn’t as big as it is here in Melbourne. So it was hard to get the word out while we were still in Melbourne. But still a roaring success at the end! And we are invited to go back and play again in the middle of February next year.


NR: What are your ambitions with the collective?

B: It would be really great to see where Terraform goes as it’s still in its early stages. For the moment we’re still expanding our brand, with our next takeover for Eat the Beat at New Guernica. Just like Perks, we’ll be launching our podcast series for Terraform soon which gives our audience a taste of our psychedelic sound that we would bring at our events.

I think our brand is more suited to a ‘deep underground’ vibe which is what we’ve been going for at the past few events. Our first one being at Groundfloor and second at Club Pandora. That being said, while these sounds would technically be more fitted to late nights, we would definitely be open to expanding it to a outdoor day vibe as well. The ‘psychedelic vibe’ extends not just from the music we play – this also includes the decor (transforming a space into a music haven of psychedelia) and visual art (hiring VJs in providing trippy and creative visuals). What we’d really like to do is to provide a unique and comfortable experience for people and friends attending Terraform events.

Connect with Brioche here: Facebook / Soundcloud

Connect with Terraform here: Facebook