Preview: Party like it’s 1887 at Something Unlimited

The Northcote Town Hall is as ancient and institutional as some of the iconic churches in the Melbourne CBD. So there’s surely been a heck of a lot of music, arts and debauchery that has taken place on the sticky floors of the venue that’s been in existence since 1887.

This February, there’s a special event run by the masterminds of some of our favourite events of the state — including Hopkins Creek, Inner Varnika, Strawberry Fields, Lucid, Common Ground, New Years Eve On The Hill, Neat Lawn, 6am at the Garage (… breathe in for more air …) and Lounge. It’s called Something Unlimited and it’s got a very special kind of flavour that we haven’t had the honour to taste yet before.

With limitless artistic visions designed to transport you into a technicolour dream machine, the ‘twisted minds’ of Confetti Studio will be creating a labyrinth of visual and immersive experiences. Additionally, Mikaela Stafford, who has extensive experience building installations around the city will be accompanying the driver’s seat for the dream machine.

There’ll be premium food and beverages to treat yourself throughout the event with a line-up to get very excited for:

  • Rick Wilhite (USA)
  • Lady Blacktronika (USA)
  • Mori Ra (JPN)
  • Mildlife
  • Wax’o Paradiso
  • Allysha Joy
  • Sui Zhen
  • Gregor
  • Loure
  • Sunnyside
  • Blume
  • Adriana
  • Darcy Justice

Keep an ear out for tickets here.