New Brew: Stereo.type Releases Two Delicious New Tracks

Originating from the UK, Stereo.type is a duo that comprises of two good mates that go by George and Bryan. The two first met when they worked together in London in 2011, and began to collaborate properly in late 2012, inspired by a similar taste in music and love for DJ-ing. Taking London by storm as a resident at the monthly And.You parties, their debut track ‘Momento’ was released on one of the biggest tech-house labels, Get Physical, 

Showcasing a groovy, quirky sound, the duo began pushing forward when they moved to Europe’s capital of electronic music – Berlin. This year, Stereo.type is back with two delicious new tracks to warm up some dancefloors for the sizzling European summer, and have already been picked up by labels such as Katermukke and Constant Circles.


Upon meeting the duo at KaterBlau, one of Berlin’s friendliest institutions, it became clear that their amazing musical chemistry is a reflection of their close-knit friendship. The pair practically bounce off each other’s vibes, and this is significant for the process that is undertaken in the studio. Whilst George tends to lean towards a more structured process of producing, holding an academic background in music theory, Bryan prefers to play around in a more creative manner to create sounds.

Their two latest releases, Visions, released on Get Physical and Changes, released on LouLou Records, are definitely one to watch out for if you are a fan of solid dance tunes. 

“Visions encapsulates a classic house vibe with a modern twist,” George tells us. Producing mostly on Ableton, the catch synth melody of this track was spiced up with the use of Spetrasonics Omnisphere, where a separate sound was used for each note so that the melody was bounce around the speakers. The bassline was a product of pure experimentation, and a driving sub was used to give a live bass guitar feel, with vocal melodies contributed by another friend, Felix Raphael.

Have a listen to the two tracks here: