Music Review: Clarian’s Stunning New Album, Television Days

Following the debut of James Zabiela’s 2CD release, Balance Series sees Canadian Producer/DJ Clarian’s new LP, Television Days. The album was released on the 23rd of February, and holds a backstory of its own.

Television Days captures the life of Kevin Jones, a down-and-out television scriptwriter living in West Hollywood who believes that is being contacted by ancient astronauts. With track titles like “Dedicated to Sagan” and “Space Zap Forever,” this album directly alludes to the work of Carl Sagan, a renowned American astronomer. Clarian began work on this album during “an unusual winter in Mexico in which he was exiled by a local cult,” though the entire production takes place in Berlin.

Fused with synths, percussion and Clarian’s reverbed vocals, the stripped back sound of this album is perfect for a chilled out day on the beach. With a significantly retro feel that brings to mind 80’s synth-pop works of Mute Records and early 2000’s bands like Washed Out, Television Days is a cosmic, feel-good piece that is unlike any other.

Clarian describes his work as “a surreal self-examination of fears and mentalities after several nocturnal years of touring and producing music, free to experiment and explore strange and fantastic worlds.” Television Days is a majestic tribute to the New Wave sound and has been remixed by Guy J, Tim Engelhardt and Australian duo Digital Stars.

Listen here: