News: Melbourne Music Heavyweights Announce New Collective ‘Untitled Group’

Last week, a new collective named Untitled Group was announced. Based in Melbourne, the collective is the brainchild of Nick Greco, Fil Palermo, Mike Christidis, Tom Caw and Christian Serrao, the team responsible for bringing you New Years froth-fest Beyond The Valley, electronic music hub XE54 and the already iconic Pitch Music and Arts Festival.

The collective will encompass the various festivals and events brands that the partners have come to be known for, as well as building on other initiatives. There will be a focus on stand-alone international touring, following on from the success of previous tours, including one by Wu-Tang Clan. Touring will be led by Pia Del Mastro, well known for her work in the music and events industry within Australia and for her management of producer Made in Paris.

Artist management will be another focus for Untitled Group, and they hope to bring even more Australian talent to light in the coming months, and join the roster of artists they boast currently, such as Ivan Ooze, Lastlings and Big Words.

The combined venture already produces over 150+ events annually within Australia and overseas, bringing hundreds of thousands of music lovers together each year.

Untitled Group are leading the way in all aspects of industry and this branding just solidifies their position as market leaders.

Untitled Logo