New Brew: Melbourne’s Van Oasis

Words: Iman Athira

With the release of a new EP under his belt, Melbourne-based producer Van Oasis, aka Jackson Greatz is making a name for himself in Melbourne’s electronic music scene. Aptly titled Killers/Lovers, the name itself is a paradox, a play of words between the contrasting emotions of pain and love. Utilizing his extensive background in drums and percussion, Van Oasis explores these themes by combining high-energy drumlines with softer sounds of nature, complementing dancefloor vibes with ethereal overtones.

Featuring lead synth lines and strings from fellow Melbourne producer Halvardan (AKA Uncle Bobby), Killers/Lovers is a five-track masterpiece with a vibe of its own, straying away from the ‘typical’ sounds of house and techno.

Autosea managed to catch up with this rising talent to chat about the inspiration behind his new tracks, traveling and future aspirations.

Autosea: Thanks for chatting with us! So, tell us about yourself. How long have you been producing music for?

Van Oasis: For those who don’t know me, I’m a house producer with a mix of influences both from electronic music and my background as a drummer. Expect to hear lots of rhythm and sample work from digging through record shops, as well as an ambient touch here and there. I’ve been producing for the last year and a bit, alongside my DJing and I don’t think I’ve settled on a certain style or genre just yet, but half the fun is exploring different tastes on this musical journey. My DJing is also quite diverse – playing anything from some old boogie records, New York vocal house to some acid house on occasion.

Autosea: The title you’ve chosen for your EP, Killers/Lovers, really catches people’s attention. What inspired this title and how did it play an influence in your productions?

The EP goes over a lot of different contrasting emotions and themes- I liken it to a relationship you can have with someone. One minute you love them, the next you wanna kill them but then there’s all the stuff in between too. It seemed to fit into that vibe and stuck as a title to attract people’s attention.

Autosea: How do you see yourself progressing (as a musician) in the next year? Do you have any particular goals you want to achieve, or are you just playing it by ear?

I really want to explore and experiment with my sounds a bit more. Live drum takes and even some singing down the line is something I’m looking into! For now I am just continuing to build a name for myself, and doing it in with an honest approach.

Autosea: Where is one place that you’ve travelled to or been that has been the biggest inspiration on your music?

I went over to South Korea last year with my girlfriend and found their club scene to be really insane! It was a true ‘underground scene,’ everyone there was just so captivated by what the DJ was playing and was really there for the music. It’s the kind of crowd I dream of having in Melbourne sometimes. The experience inspired me to always try to take my audience on a journey, whether it’s playing a set or someone listening to my original music at home.

Autosea: How would you describe your musical style in three words?

Diverse, dreamscape and open-ended.

Autosea: What are some of the places where we can catch you playing?

I’ve been a resident DJ every Friday at Elephant in the Room, Carlton Club for the last ten months. It’s a really great night of house, disco and dancing. I’m also playing at Disconutz on the 19th of October, as well as running my own show under the name of HomeTurf at Dr Morse on the 21st of October with a bunch of mates.

Listen to the EP here: