New Release: ‘Downfall’ by Kllo

Words: Iman Athira

Kllo is the Melbourne based duo formed by cousins Chloe Kaul and Simon Lam. Signed to the prominent label Good Manners, this duo intelligently amalgamates pop elements with a contemporary feel, creating a unique sound which is quickly gaining them recognition as emerging artists to keep an eye on. Their most noticeable influences can be likened to the works of James Blake, Lauryn Hill and the XX.

The success of their 2014 EP, titled Cusp, landed Kllo a spot on millions of streams and multiple festival stages, where the duo embarked on a journey into the unfamiliar. Finding inspiration from adapting to the external, Kllo has finally emerged with their first full-length album.

Comprising of twelve tracks, Backwater is Kllo’s debut full-release album that is set to release on October 20. Backwater is an intimate representation that expresses the duo’s idea of change- whether it is in emotion or the ups and downs of life. The LP format allows Kllo more room for creative experimentation, as they are able to output their emotions through their compositions.

‘It’s the first time we hadn’t felt like kids anymore. ’ Kaul says about the creative process. ‘We were really able to dive in deeper and bring out a lot more of us into the music,’ she continues, and this is echoed by the maturity in sound produced.

Immediately drawing the listener into a dream-like state, Downfall is the second release off Backwater. The message behind the track is simple, and one that any human being, no matter what age, can relate to- ‘it is a reminder to not get too caught up in your head, to not dwell on the negative things.’ The melancholy of letting go is perfectly encapsulated by the combination of Kaul’s smoky sweet voice and brooding undercurrents of Lam’s production, yet it induces an ephemeral, almost surreal feel in its listener.

Unlike Virtue, the duo’s first release, laced with disco nuances and feel-good vibes, Downfall is fuelled by the notion of catharsis. Written as a reflection ‘on everything we’d gone through, but also how much we’d grown,’ Downfall mirrors the hazy innocence and insecurities of growing up through Lam’s skilful exploration of melodic crescendos. It is a track where, when you close your eyes, you can envision life passing by; not in a daunting way, but with the calm tenderness of waves crashing on to a shore. There is calmness in the simple, powerful lyrics and the lilting assurance of Kaul’s voice.

Downfall is available to Stream/Purchase HERE (

Don’t miss the chance to catch them performing live in Australia during these dates:

8 Dec 2017 – Oxford Art Factory (Sydney)
9 Dec 2017 – Jack Rabbit Slims (Perth)

14 Dec 2017 – Woolly Mammoth (Brisbane)

15 Dec 2017 – Corner Hotel (Melbourne)
16 Dec 2017 – Fat Controller (Adelaide)
19 Jan 2018 – Rec Bar (Auckland)
20 Jan 2018 – Caroline (Wellington)


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