Tour Announcement: Pig&Dan

Words: Sterling Cooper

It’s cold man. Real cold. All you wanna do is stay indoors, make soup and binge on The Handmaid’s Tale. Well, snap out of it ‘cause Pig&Dan is coming yo…

Yes, the techno scene isn’t exactly known for it’s colourful characters or it’s proclivity towards having fun. It can get highbrow, chins are always stroked, and it’s all very serious. But for longer than a decade, Pig&Dan has been a beacon of light in an otherwise dark ocean of seriousness. Go check out their Facebook page, it will brighten your day.

This time around we will only be visited by Dan, or Dan Duncan as he’s known to the taxman (yup, he is the ‘Dan’ in Pig&Dan and he is the one with the smooth dome in the photo). But no doubt that won’t take away from the shows as they probably share the same USB’s anyway. And don’t let Dan’s sunny disposition fool you- he has been producing since the early 90’s and he was part of a very seminal hardcore/drum n bass outfit called Intense, and their music was… um… intense.

But let’s get back to the program ‘cause PIG&DAN IS COMING EVERYONE. So, they are currently flying high again with their track ‘Obsession’, which has been spending so much time on Beatport’s Top 20 Techno charts that Beatport should consider charging them rent. Released on their own Elevate Records, the track is proper heady stuff designed for those moments on the dance floor when you are forced to let go and just… be. ‘Obsession’ marked the 75th release on Elevate Records so it’s fair to say that Pig&Dan is doing something right.

Have a listen to ‘Obsession’, finish off your tv, check the dates below and lock one into the diary…


Tour Dates
Friday 18th August: Habitat @ Geisha Bar, Perth
Saturday 19th August: Deja Vu @ The Grand, Wollongong
Saturday 19th August: Spektrum @ The Burdekin, Sydney
Sunday 20th August: Thick as Thieves Winter Series @ Revolver, Melbourne
Sunday 20th August: Spicy Music @ Bakers Lane, Launceston
Friday 25th August: Young Tokyo @ Sugar, Adelaide
Saturday 26th August: Coco @ The Met, Brisbane

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