Single Review: Love Deluxe- Spice of Life

Words: Jackson Gray

Following from the euphoric disco odyssey that was Cool Breeze Over The Mountains, expectations were high for the latest offering from Sydney producer Love Deluxe.

Taking things in a slightly heavier direction, Spice of Life kicks off with a hefty disco groove that struts its way through the opening bars of the track, throwing its weight around with some serious feel. These drums, along with the help of some sturdy bass and angular guitar work, set the tone rhythmically for the rest of the piece. Throughout the whole track, our attention is repeatedly drawn to its melodic elements, with dancing synth and saxophone melodies constantly weaving their way in and out of the sonic field.


Reminiscent of the extended disco jams served up by the likes of Harvey Sutherland and Mount Liberation Unlimited, Love Deluxe is keeping some great stylistic company.

Spice of Life is out now as a single via Soothsayer, with word that an EP will be soon to follow.