We Asked Local DJs What Their Favourite Dennis Cruz Track Is Before He Plays This Sunday

Words: Juan Mak

We love a good sesh, and is there a better place to indulge in than Revolver for that? This coming Sunday that lads at Thick as Thieves will be taking over the cage once again to bring us one of the world’s biggest tech house exports, Dennis Cruz. The Spaniard has featured on every DJ chart of late, and everything he produces receives a rinsing in any club worth it’s salt. Ahead of his debut Revolver set this weekend, we asked a couple of local DJ legends what their favourite Denniz Cruz tracks are.

Luke Vecchio (Boogie Beats, Eat Music)

Luke vecchio.jpg

Luke Vecchio is one of the most exciting young DJs running around these parts. He’s passionate about the art form of mixing and is always trying to push new and exciting ideas within his sets. Well known for his energy packed performances and ability to blur the lines between genres, Luke may very well be the most booked DJ in Melbourne today.

Favourite track: Tarantula (Original Mix) – Dennis Cruz, Ernest Oh

“‘Tarantula’ is a definite favourite! It’s an old one and his sound was a lot different back then. I love the warm pads and atmosphere in the background and the cheeky vocal sample, it is definitely a lot more on the house side of vibes for him.”

Find Luke at: https://soundcloud.com/lvec

Ben Lawrence (Disco Volante)


Ben Lawrence aka. The Prince of Chapel Street brings music to Melbourne’s favourite strip more than most. Ben often plays spots at Revolver Upstairs for the crew bringing us Dennis Cruz, Thick as Thieves, and among other ventures, he holds residencies at Circus Bar & Nightclub and 161.

Favourite pick: New Life (Original Mix) – Dennis Cruz

“’New Life’ is my favourite Dennis Cruz track and it’s definitely one song I played more often than any other I had at the time. I can still remember hearing it for the first time and it blew my head clear off. Mostly because I really love old school soul and jazz and those lyrics lit me up inside. I transferred literally the last of my money to buy that single record so I could showcase it that night at Disco Volante (Onesixone) and the response was amazing. I shared the sh*t out of it because I knew mates of mine would love it and I was correct.”

Find Ben at: https://soundcloud.com/benlawrencedj

Damon Walsh (Thick as Thieves, Revolver)

damon walsh.jpg

During the day Damon heads up the marketing and promotions for Thick as Thieves, but at night you can find him educating punters at some of the city’s most renowned establishments including Revolver, My Aeon, Rubix and a whole lot more. Damon Walsh is easily one of the cities most experienced DJs.

Favourite pick: Funk You ft. Celeda (Original Mix) – Dennis Cruz, Los Suruba

“I have too many favourite Dennis Cruz tracks to choose from, but my current favourite is a less obvious one, ‘Funk You’ ft. Celeda. It’s more of a groover compared to the typical Cruz peak time slammers. A real subtle builder with awesome vocals that just carries you along.”

Find Damon at: https://soundcloud.com/damonwalsh

Jacob Malmo (Thick as Thieves, Mama Said)


Alongside his role as touring agent for Thick as Thieves, Jacob Malmo currently has a hand in many one off parties around Melbourne as well as hosting a monthly club night at the legendary Revolver called ‘MAMA SAID’. Among his busy schedule, Jacob finds time to present a weekly radio show on KISS FM Fridays with Jack Love (who he also has an alias with named The Journey).

Favourite pick: The Drums (Din Daa Daa) ft. George Kranz (Dennis Cruz remix) – Claptone 

“I’m definitely digging Dennis Cruz’s remix of Claptone’s track ‘The Drums (Din Daa Daa). In typical Cruz style he goes ahead to give Claptone’s original a chunkier feel. This track definitely resonates with me and brings back memories of my earlier clubbing years.”

Find Jacob at https://soundcloud.com/mamasaid1

Sean Grimes (Thick as Thieves, Melbourne Dance Music Academy)

Sean grimes.jpg

Sean Grimes is an astronaut, philanthropist, entrepreneur, DJ and producer. On top of all these impressive feats, Sean is also a Thick as Thieves resident who runs Melbourne Dance Music Academy. He can be caught at a host of events scattered all through the Melbourne city, a young gun who’s not to be missed.

Favourite pick: Orisha (Original Mix) – Dennis Cruz

“Dennis Cruz has and forever will be my favourite artist and biggest inspiration as a DJ/producer, so choosing a favourite track is probably the hardest question you could ask! If I had to pick one it would be ‘Orisha’. The slow grooving bassline, unworldly vocal and calming bells takes myself and the dancefloor on a magical journey that is yet to be matched by any other track I play in my sets. I will be supporting him next week at Revolver and it will the biggest honour I could receive as a local DJ. I’m so excited to finally see him play in the flesh.”

Find Sean at https://soundcloud.com/sean-grimes-fun-times

Dennis Cruz will be playing at Revolver Sundays. Check out the event page here.