Blacksheep: Selection of the Week #5 – TECHNOSPHERIC

This week we take a turn with music that’s much deeper, more atmospheric and can be described in one word that explains everything and nothing at the same time “Techno”. So this can be pretty vague and cannot always reflect exactly what you think and feel about this word. Everyone has their own interpretation of Techno which is why today I would like to present my interpretation of Atmospheric Techno as TECHNOSPERIC.

Techno is based on an alternate way of listening, something that is very in-tune with the way that your inner mind works. Those shamanic rhythms can be very effective when you truly listen and put you into a trance-like state of mind. The darkness that can come from listening can be positive in terms of its level of deepness but we all have a part of darkness inside us that can be satisfied with this kind of music.

This time, instead of sharing a Soundcloud playlist, I will share a podcast that can be more expressive and relevant by gathering all those tracks together. It starts with ambient, moving into deep and atmospheric techno to dark techno, a way to show an evolution of the special genre today.



1 – Marco Shuttle – Adrift

This guy from Germany represents all I expect from Deep Techno, all his productions are telling a story and speaks from themself.

2 – Terence Fixmer – Immersion

French producer from Lille that playing now everywhere and took his part of the big techno family. He made this trippy and evolving Techno track that brings positivity and motivation.

3 – Edit Select – How We Fall

One of the Godfather of Hypnotic and Atmospheric Techno, all his releases are deep enough to fall into it by getting addicted to it, he’s one of the greatest in this kind.

4 – Nima Khak – Beta Bacille

Most of the best hypnotic techno comes from Sweden or Norway, here’s one more Swedish to add to the list 😉

5 – Skee Mask – Backcourntry

German Techno but more on the Chill Outsmoperic way.

6 – Stephanie Sykes – Gimmer Of Existence

Stephanie comes from England and gives us a more feminine touch of what’s happening in Hypnotic Techno.

7 – Architectural – 5.3

Architectural from Spain is making his own kind of Techno composed of a lot of melody and mind playing, to follow urgently if not already 😉

8 – Tom Dicicco – A Prayer For Jupiter

Another British just discovered this week. Great Ep released on the Dutch label Delsin.

9 – BNJMN – Droid (Inland Remix)

British again, BNJMN is remixed by the German Inland

10 – Heiko Laux – Liquidism pt.1

Heiko Laux and his massive destructive roller compactor sets that he played on Berghain floor worth every seconds spent in the queue. The best way to start a long night and never leave the dance floor 😉
EXTRA : 11 – Yotam Avni – Marva

Just a crazy closing track that was made from this amazing producer from Israel, one of my favorite discovering for the last 3 months.

Hope you will like 😉

Enjoy the Queen’s brithday weekend and see you in two weeks!

Hi! I’m Blacksheep, a music lover like all of you. Born in France, travelling the world in search of new sounds, new atmospheres, new crowd and new cultures has been essential. Djing through Lyon, Geneva, Berlin, Guangzhou, Seoul, and just landed in Australia in the beautiful city of Melbourne for a new adventure.