5 Ejeca Tracks You Need to Hear Now Ahead of His Tour

Words: Stefanos Mak

Top five, top five! Get ’em while they’re hot! Well actually, Ejeca tracks probably aren’t going to cool down any time soon so you’ve still got a minute.

Why are we talking about Ejeca? Well it’s because he’s about to swing by Australia during his world tour and we’re all giddy about it. Hailing from Northern Ireland, Ejeca simply oozes talent. He’s one of those artists that makes you think, not in a bad way like your final exams or Donald Trump, but in a good blissing-out-with-your-eyes-closed-on-the-dancefloor kind of way. The nice way then…

To help get your feet tapping and arms moving before his visit, we’ve put together a list of our favourite Ejeca tracks. Also, as you’re about to hear or as you may already know, Ejeca’s music takes the listener on a journey… So no skipping, or else you won’t get in.

Ejeca – Dizorn (Original Mix)

‘Dizorn’ is the title track from Ejeca’s latest EP which was released on Sasha’s record label Last Night On Earth. LNOE’s mission is to sign “exciting new electronic talent”, so seeing Ejeca’s name pop up on their list for the second time comes to no surprise. Headed up by some low, rumbling bass which pumps throughout the entire track, ‘Dizorn’ seeps into your backbone and doesn’t let go until it’s seven minutes come to an end.

Ejeca – Hi Rollin (Original Mix)

‘High Rollin’ flicks a little back into the Ejeca catalogue. Like a lot of his work, this slow burner is drenched in synthesisers, reverb and plenty of soul. The vocal sits more like an additional synth as opposed to a voice carrying a message. Instead as a collective, the track passes along a dreamy, emotional message of its own. Suited to a heaving nightclub or afternoon beers, ‘High Rollin’ gets a big tick from us.

Ejeca – Jalek (Original Mix)

Welcomed by an assembly of soft, mesmerising pads and a subtle kick drum, ‘Jalek’, like many songs, begins to shine as the one minute mark hits. The listener is given a rare insight into Ejeca’s mind via the art of sound, and as for the track itself? (Spoiler alert), it progresses into what turns out to be a really jamming groove. ‘Jalek’ has nothing to prove but validates everything it should. Sit back and enjoy.

Inner City – Good Life (Ejeca remix)

Remix time, and it’s a big one. Ejeca’s 2016 spin on ‘89 classic perfectly blends house and techno into what becomes a nostalgic blast from the past, set for a modern dancefloor. Upon listening you quickly realise the track no longer belongs to it original hosts. Instead, the added vocal of “let me take you to a place I know you want to go” is a message directly from Ejeca himself. The remix slams it’s way through the speakers and drives listeners into a thoughtful trance of movement. There’s little wonder why it’s his most popular track on Beatport today.

Ejeca – Headfirst (Original Mix)

Wham, bam, thank you ma’am! Look it’s pretty clear where ‘Headfirst’ gets its name from. Naming this song ‘Headfirst’ is kind of like calling your baby ‘Crying’ or, well you know… ‘Baby’. What stems from what’s already a pretty slamming first half of the track, ‘Headfirst’ really goes full Ben Klock at Berghain post three-minute mark. Prepare your bass-face ladies and gentlemen, if he drops ‘Headfirst’ during his visit Down Under, we’re in for a wild ride.

Tour dates:

Friday 19th May: Red Rattlers, Sydney

Saturday 20th May: Thick as Thieves presents Ejeca @ My Aeon, Melbourne