The Smokers Review: Section 8

Words: Jessica Howard

Event: Autosea Day Party

The Section 8 smokers area is a dream.

Not for your health, but definitely for your smoking addiction.

The container bar is as Melbourne as you can get and with minimal roof and walls the whole venue IS a smokers area.

You can smoke ciggies while dancing on wooden crates or simply just chilling to the side with a stubby in hand. You can even smoke ciggies in the line to the toilet. I mean, you can even smoke a ciggie ON the toilet if you’re game.

It is a smokers haven, however you will smoke more than usual. Probably a lot more than usual. Fortunately, the Tattersalls Lane venue is located within very close proximity of multiple 7/11s, so the opportunities of further contributing to your nicotine addiction by purchasing more darts are endless. But do be prepared to wake up the next day with an ashtray of a mouth.

And while the all inclusive dance floor and smoking area is great for the avid durry muncher,  the open-space can lose the usual intimacy and shit-talking that comes with a seperate and enclosed smoking zone.

The Section 8 smokers gets a rating of: 4.5/5 darts.

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