Review: Sunshine’s Midnight Mass

She’s conquered just about every club in Melbourne, and now the queen of Revolver, Sunshine, has successfully delivered a unique and electric event to our vibrant city.

Sunshine’s Midnight Mass took over the Prince Bandroom on Friday December 23 – a unique musical concept that included a 20-minute live show by the renowned DJ/Producer, featuring Sunshine’s hand-picked gospel choir, Disco Faith Choir and vocalist Amanda Perry, who has supported Sunshine on tracks including ‘The Only One’ and ‘Twisted’.

The legendary Spacey Space opened the main room to a relatively empty dancefloor, but the great man showed his versatility and played to the growing crowd perfectly.

His three-hour slot set the tone for the evening, and with the feeling of Christmas in the air, it was a happy crowd with a strong desire for a good time.

The main act hit the stage at 1am for an hour of power, before the Disco Faith Choir and Perry joined her on stage for the 20-minute soiree.

The live performance saw the premiere of Sunshine’s new track, ‘Here to Stay’, with the choir and Perry combining majestically with the talented producer.

The way in which the experienced selector mixed house and techno with her guests was impressive to witness and her happy on stage persona shone throughout the night.

Sunshine kept the party going until the early morning, in a set that ideally displayed her ‘hapno’ sound.


There was her signature tracks chucked in the mix like Alex Metric’s Creeper and Alan Fitpatrick’s Love Siren, while the gospel inspired event would not have been complete without crowd favourite, a techno remix of Old Landmark by The Djoon Experience – the perfect track to portray Sunshine’s love of gospel music blended with techno.

Put simply, this musical experiment worked, leaving the endearing crowd satisfied.

We now await Sunshine’s next venture with much anticipation!