The Vision of Autosea

Why is the Melbourne dance music scene so special?

Because there is nothing else in the world like it. Melbourne is a transient city with a multitude of cultures and a progressive local government that allows music lovers and producers to collaborate and grow. Passionate creators push the limits and boundaries of all aspects, allowing the dance music scene to thrive in its diversity. Being such a multicultural city, this has significantly influenced the music being made locally with artists having influences from many different backgrounds and many big name internationals claiming the city to be the one that they love the most.

It’s a 24-hour city- the only one in Australia where international DJs come here on a regular basis, where talented local DJs can collaborate together to hold intimate night parties and vibrant day parties. Melbourne dance music in all of its variations is a reflection of the city itself and how unique, uplifting and special the city is.

Autosea was created by a small group of Melbourne dance music lovers who came together with a passion for electronic music to bring people together, promote local talent and tour the best international acts. We’re a group that aims to create a sense of community and inclusion, to appreciate and share quality dance music.

Join us as we showcase and introduce you to the city’s greatest dance music artists, show you previews and reviews of events, update you on new tunes, inform you of upcoming parties and provide you with news and music features for all of you passionate music lovers. Autosea is for you, and you are a part of Autosea.