New Brew: William Kiss

At the age of 21, William Kiss is making his mark in Melbourne’s techno scene. Turning heads both locally and internationally with his productions, his sound is dark and raw, emphasising percussive elements, rumbling basslines and mainfloor melodies. William’s deep knowledge for music and a drive to succeed sets an example for the classic saying – “age doesn’t matter.” New Rhythms caught up with William … Continue reading New Brew: William Kiss

Interview: Boston 168

Words: Jackson Gray and Charlotte Rhodes Boston 168 is a laboratory of sound crafting. Sergio Pace and Vincenzo Ferramosca are two electronic researchers who have spent years working on vivisecting sound in order to create a new solution for the techno substance. Their meticulous work mixes up the acoustics of the traditional machines that have made the history of techno, Roland Tr909, tr707, Moog Mother 32, … Continue reading Interview: Boston 168