New Brew: William Kiss

At the age of 21, William Kiss is making his mark in Melbourne’s techno scene. Turning heads both locally and internationally with his productions, his sound is dark and raw, emphasising percussive elements, rumbling basslines and mainfloor melodies. William’s deep knowledge for music and a drive to succeed sets an example for the classic saying – “age doesn’t matter.”

New Rhythms caught up with William to learn about his upcoming releases and future plans, and we’re definitely looking forward to watching him grow as an artist.

NR: Hey William. Thanks for the interview. So, tell us, what inspired you to start producing techno?

I’ve been producing techno for about four or so years now and releasing for about three. It started when I was sixteen. I somehow found myself listening to my first Len Faki record, and it was such a shock to my ears to hear something so stripped back and raw holding so much power and drive. That sent me down the rabbit hole of techno music. Eventually, I found a track called “Doch” by Stephan Hinz and Philip Ruhmhardt. That was the track which really ‘sealed’ it for me. I still have a signed 12” of that record hanging in my studio as a momento.

NR: Who are your biggest musical influences?

My music taste is a bit of a melting pot as I was exposed to every genre under the sun growing up. In my own time I listen to anything from Mobb Deep to David August to Curtis Mayfield.

When it comes to my productions, artists who inspire me vary greatly. Enrico Sangiuliano has an incredible creative ability to push the envelope which is very inspiring. Truncate consistently produces great driving techno which is something I look to as well. I also have a good friend called SAMA, from the Netherlands, who has been producing some incredibly intricate and powerful techno… If you aren’t familiar with him, you should be.

NR: Can you tell us a little bit about some of your most recent releases?

I’m happy that I’ve released on some great international labels such as Renesanz with my track “Twilight,” and also Complexed with my good friend Steve Bleas with our track “Altitude,” which did really well in the charts and received a huge remix from the duo Hidden Empire. I’ve also released some tracks on massive local labels such as Recovery Collective, with my Project One EP and Made in Paris’ imprint called Upon Access for Black Sky.

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NR: Where have you played in Australia, where can we expect to see you playing in Australia and during your trip to Europe later this year?

I’ve been lucky enough to play at some great local venues, such as My Aeon recently, The Bottom End, and also Beyond The Valley earlier this year. I’ll be making my debut at Xe54 later this year, and also a few other venues I’ve been waiting to tick off my bucket list. As for Europe, that will all be confirmed shortly!

NR: How does it feel producing music at such a young age and what are some struggles that you have faced within the industry?

Being a relatively young producer, time is definitely on my side, and I see that as a big motivator. I think it’s really important that not to take time for granted, and to always refine yourself, stay busy, and never stop working on your music.

NR: What is some advice that you would share with new producers?

My advice to new producers would be to write as much music as you can, and listen to a broad of a range of music, as inspiration can come from anywhere. Also, you can only get better with each new track, whether its a new mixing technique, better understanding your plugins, or just finding your groove. When starting out, I had this mentality where I wouldn’t release anything that I wouldn’t listen to twice if it wasn’t mine. In other words, don’t release just for the sake of it. Learn as much as you can and keep writing until you feel like it fits.

Have a listen to some of his music here: