Fantaesia: Melbourne’s newest underground explorative dance party for misfits

Melbourne’s nightlife feels like its changing at a rapid pace. With the closure of institutional nightclubs such as Boney, Lounge, Mercat and Hugs & Kisses, clubgoers are finding themselves displaced, and unable to call any one nightclub home.

Not only are the nightclubs closing, but so are the regular parties that helped to shape these spaces we loved. Gone are the days of Lost Weekends, Dance Technique, Hell and Power Station. Make way for the arrival of semi-regular parties, warehouse raves, and park parties, with high production values.

After years of dancing around Melbourne’s multi-faceted nightlife as a punter, people now want an event to be curated by someone they trust, someone who spends the time, money and energy into genuinely crafting a unique experience for their audience.

Someone who thinks about the music progression of the night, who thoughtfully selects lighting and visuals, and who can connect and communicate an experience through art installs. Parties like Pleasure Planet, Club De’range, Le Fag, Equinox, Crate Mates, House of Friends, Pharos and many more are constantly at the forefront of creating new experiences, each for their varying niche audiences. This is why we are so lucky in Melbourne to be able enjoy all the creativity these parties, and their organisers are able to express.

Fantaesia have just launched themselves right on the cusp of this new Melbourne underground scene with a loving nod to past eras of dance music. Steeped in a history of rave culture, taking inspiration from the UK raves of the 90s and connecting it to our modern world, Fantaesia’s debut event features Assembler Code for an intimate Melbourne exclusive show at a warehouse space in the CBD. With the aim of changing the face of our dance music scene, Fantaesia also offers the luxury of BYO alcohol, allowing you to dance on your own terms and bring all your favourites.

Assembler Code will be supported by SANCTUM (affinity / Equinox events), Krejus (Xe54 / The Sunday Cure), El Grey (Translate) & Oxymoronic. 

Welcome to the world of FANTÆSIA: A devious land where our loving nostalgia of the old school comes out to play. We invite those who are on the fringes, the misfits, the bizarre, the peculiar, the deviant, to revel in the wake of yesteryear.

Final release tickets are still available to purchase through their facebook event here.

To follow Fantaesia, find them on Facebook and Instagram.