Festival Preview: Pitch Music and Arts

Words: Rene Shellis

The vibe forecast for this week is peaking as many Burn City citizens and others alike get set for a weekend of debauchery and a drizzle of fist pumping. Pitch Music and Arts festival is back and boy am I glad to return to the bush. There is something so inviting about their slick and innovative branding and surely this ethos will be carried through out the festival. The event guide boasts an impressive roster of international and local musicians who will be laying down some tasteful beats alongside cutting edge artist from different media backgrounds. Buckle up and covet thy self with a dab of Pitch by Pitch fragrance because here is a list of experiences I most keen for.



Four on the Floor

Start your Friday right and make sure to catch David August guide you through an emotional journey through time and space. His soothing bass and beautiful harmonies will be the perfect start to your weekend. When you are finished wiping those tears away be sure to mung out to some Daniel Avery, a familiar face down under and definitely an appreciated booking.

On Saturday, cure that heavy feeling with Sven Väth (Papa Sven!), a mastermind in track selection and a pivotal figure in the electronic music scene. If his charismatic presence doesn’t make you smile then his set definitely will. Take some time to give the locals some love and catch Made In Paris. She is making some serious waves at the moment and is making Australia so proud! From Russia with love comes Dasha Rush, a pounding technical techno queen who will be followed by Perc, another pioneer in the Techno-sphere.



Surely some bias in this piece so please forgive me but I really do have to say that Mall Grabs recent escapade into a darker more industrial sound coupled up with acid and electro is a refreshing take on the young artists usual style and after his Beyond the Valley and Piknic appearances I am hungry for some more. Be sure to also check out Recondite and tINI as well.

Take a squiz at the full line up here.

Visual Stimulation

As mentioned before, Pitch has organised some cutting edge graphic and special stimulation, much of which I have not come across before. John Fish did an excellent job at B3 and the lighting was superb so I’m sure we are in for a treat this weekend. There will be film from Coco & Maximilian who ‘create detailed, story driven pieces that are at once playful and considered.’ Also worth mentioning is the creative power house that is Ezra Miller. The USA artist who works across many ‘digital disciplines to create realtime generative art and interactive websites.’ She has worked with artists at Warp Records and collaborated with brands such as Balenciaga, Alexander Wang and Adidas. Impressive.  

Check out the full roster here.


With entertainment like this it will surely be a weekend not to miss. Also I want to take the time to apologise to two of my mothers in advance, Boiler Room and Resident Advisor, who will be taking over the stage … so hopefully you don’t see me making a fool of myself. See you on the d-floor.

Connect with Pitch here: Website / Facebook