Interview: Third Son

After coming from a family with a strong passion for musical composition, it’s easy to understand how Third Son, aka Joseph Thomas Prince, manages to show such strengths throughout his music productions. With tracks out on diverse labels including 17 Steps, Skint, Sodai and his own label Polymath, the man has a clear direction set out ahead of him … towards being a producer of nothing but high-quality music.

He’ll be spending the majority of this year working on his live set-up and has just released his new track ‘Voices’. In the words of the man himself, he’s out to make the best music he can. We caught him not long after he toured here in Australia and asked him a little bit about it all.

New Rhythms: How did you get started as an artist?

Third Son: I’ve been making music my whole life in some form. After going to clubs like Motion in Bristol I got the bug for making dance music. 

NR: Who are some of your musical influences?

TS: I really like what Ryan James Ford is doing at the moment. Artists like Erol Alkan and Daniel Avery are staples for me. 

NR: Tell us a little bit about your experiences touring Australia, what has been some of your favourite moments?

TS: I love playing in Australia. I played Rainbow Serpent and Strawberry Fields festival this year, which I think are honestly two of my favourite festival experiences ever. 

NR: We hear you have an EP coming out soon. How has your music evolved in the past year and where do you see yourself in the next year?

TS: I do – the Voices EP is landing on the 21st December on my own label, Polymath. My music is constantly evolving, and I think that’s the only way to be as an artist. You have to be constantly looking for something new and interesting, otherwise you’re really just a content provider.

NR: How did you come up with your label, Polymath and what can we expect from it?

TS: Polymath stemmed from an idea. I didn’t have intention to start a label, so soon anyway. I thought it would be cool to ask a handful of artists to each send me a track based on a particular theme, and I just ran with it. 

NR: If you had a piece of advice to give new, upcoming producers, what would it be?

TS: Work hard. Really hard. If you want to do this full time that’s great but be prepared to commit your life to it. 

Third Son’s next EP ‘Voices’ is out today and available on Beatport