Event Preview: Stable Music Presents: Jeff Mills: The Trip

Words: Rene Shellis

With the Melbourne Music Week roster dropping last week it is expected that our beloved city will be booming with talent as it is set to transcend into a sonic utopia. Personally, I am most excited about the collaboration with Stable Music, the Melbourne based collective of like minded individuals, whose mission is to deliver excellence in the electronic music realm. Just the other week, Stable Music invited the Detroit Techno Militia to fill the Substation with a vinyl techno masterclass. Continuing their strong ties with Detroit, one of the world’s most gifted music capitals, Stable Music has teamed up with Melbourre Music Week to deliver a once in a life time experience. Jeff Mills: The Trip.


Jeff Mills, the founder Axis records and original member of Underground Resistance, prolific producer and space enthusiast is an absolute wizard. One of his most prestigious achievements is his project ‘The Trip,’ – an audio-visual show including of a live set up and more than 60 clips from different sci-fi movies from the 1930’s to the 70’s. Backed up by Melbourne’s own finest artist – Matt Radovich, ACM live and Monolith live (Chiara Kickdrum + Louay) – this experience is not to be missed

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