Interview: Jasper James

Words: Stefanos Mac

Jasper James is one of the hottest up and coming DJ/producer’s on the globe of late and for good reason.

At just 28 years old, he’s already played Glastonbury; he recently closed the Circoloco terrace for what was to become one of his favourite ever sets, and he’s been busy rubbing shoulders with the likes of Jackmaster, Seth Troxler and many more of the worlds leading acts.

Ahead of his appearance at Melbourne’s Let Them Eat Cake festival, we spoke to Jasper about the inspiration his Dad Harri provides, his new found friendship with Mall Grab and if he could, what party he would love to relive.

Hey Jasper! You’ve been around music your entire life and a huge influence on that was your Dad Harri. What’s been one of your favourite memories with your old man, musically or otherwise?

Musically probably playing at Subculture at the Sub Club for the first time b2b with my Dad on a Saturday night. I was 18 years old and still to this day I think I remain the youngest person ever to play at the Sub Club. I was absolutely shitting myself. When my Dad and I used to live together we quite often would go out during the week to the pub and get steaming and then go back to the flat and play random records all night, I used to really enjoy that, sometimes we still do that when we are both in town. Other than that he’s a pain in the arse. 🙂

A glance at your socials tells us you’ve been hanging out with the very talented Aussie Jordan Alexander aka. Mall Grab a lot lately, where and how did you guys meet?

I met Jordan When he played at Sub Club for the first time. I live round the corner from the club so he came back to mine ‘till the early hours of the morning and we sat up talking shite and drinking Buckfast. Since then we became good pals, and we often see each other at random gigs touring or whatever. We recently did our first b2b together in Dublin at District 8 which was rowdy. He actually just messaged me now with a picture of Buckfast he’s ordered over to Australia for our arrival. Haha.

You’re actually sharing the bill with Mall Grab at Let Them Eat Cake festival alongside another good friend of yours Jackmaster. Do you gents have anything else planned for your stay in Aus?

We have quite a few friends from Aus who we are going to visit, I’m not too sure what they have in mind but let’s see.

Homework is your personal blog that’s been running since Jan this year. You’ve also been hosting a couple of tours under the same name, what else do you have planned for the Homework brand?

For now just the blog and parties, but maybe in the future look at starting up a record label as this has always been something I have planned to do, I’m just waiting till the time is right really.

Last month you posted on Facebook saying the highlight of your summer was closing the terrace at Circoloco with Jackmaster, why was this set particularly special?

I’ve been going to Circoloco for years as a punter and it’s always been somewhere I wanted to play, last year I played a couple slots in the main room which were amazing but for me I’ve always had my eye on playing the terrace as that’s one of my favourite dancefloors in the world. So when I got asked to play the closing slot on the terrace it was a really big deal for me. It was fukin class, I loved it.

Finally, what’s one party you’ve been to that you wish you could relive again?

Glastonbury, Block 9 in NYC Downlow. For me NYC Downlow is my new favourite club in the world, everyone need to go here, it’s fukin amazing! It was the closing set from James Hillard of Horse Meat Disco and it was bloody excellent.

Thanks for the chat and enjoy Let Them Eat Cake!

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