Debut Single Release and Review: Gus Dingwall

Words: Bridget Chalmers

Slowly drifting into a smooth and dram-like trance, Gus Dingwall’s debut track “downtown” sends you to a serene place full of nostalgia with a twist of melancholy, with heavy influences from the king of chill and dreamy beats, Nick Murphy and a hint of Flying Lotus.

The young Melbournian has been in the game for a while, starting at the age of 14 (now 18) and is nothing short of talented. “Downtown” truly captures his musical inspirations and produces a strangely eerie yet nostalgic mix of RnB, soul and alternative electronica. Slow, melodic and soulful acoustic guitar weaves in and out of future baseline beats, where you can clearly hear influences from big guns like Kaytranada.

‘Downtown’ is about “the times when you’re caught thinking over and over about somebody, and wanting to be close to them more than anything in the world” explains Gus. There’s nothing like the yearning to be with someone when you can’t, whatever the circumstances may be and this song is like riding of wave of emotions through separate issues but with a sense of calmness and understanding.

unnamed (3)

It almost comes across as a muddled projection of thoughts streaming in and out of your mind, and the guitar riff comes along and seems to smooth over the confusion, creating space for reflection and collecting your thoughts before starting the process all over again. You drift off, swimming against the current of angst and anxiety. It’s almost as if you begin to drown in the bullshit and you’re trying to wad your way out of the pain, but it keeps pulling you down.

The tale is all too familiar to most, wondering whether someone is as into you as you are to them as the vocals cry, “have you thought about us, have you thought about trust. Don’t know what’s in your mind, but I know what’s in mine.” We try our best to stay away from someone to lessen the pain, but simultaneously make it worse. “Don’t want to feel no more, can feel the call to get away from you.”

This song depicts the dating woes shared by so many of my friends and truly speaks volumes in relation to how tragic and confusing dating can be when you don’t clearly communicate with someone.

GUS 3.jpg

Although the lyrics depict a sad and all too well known feeling of confusion.

I could honestly listen to this track over and over again and I look forward to listening to the full EP.