Blacksheep: Selection of the Week #6 – LO-FI STEREO

When we think about creativity, we think about something new. A creation is based on a life experience that brings you to think and develop what you have in your mind. In any kind of art, we still evolving but by observing and learning from the past. House music is the same, even with the quality of recording and all the tools we can use, there is this Lo-Fi/Raw House that booming for the last 2-3 years. This kind of music is based of getting back to the “tape quality”, this bass that vibrating in your speakers and this unclear sound from your old recordings are representing the best what you could feel 30 years ago. And now we are getting back to this, it’s pretty funny when you think about it but still, a lot of people enjoy it and that’s the magic of creativity.

We start with a beatless track from an Egyptian producer with 80’s vibes that show you a taste of what’s following.

We slowly move with a smooth beat offered by Cloudface and more energized track by Bill Converse and his US touch.

L.I.E.S again and because they are one of the “rawest” and “weirdest” label in this field. NGLY is German and show you this acid feeling that we find often in Lo-Fi and Raw House.

Patricia would be one of my favorite because this guys from Brooklyn got the deep and charmed house that always affects me. This one is typical his style and check all his productions on Opal Tapes or Black Opal.
Next, an Italian producer named BXP followed by Florian Kuplfer that maybe a lot of people know already and who will play tonight at Lounge club in Melbourne.

D’Marc Cantu will make you travel and be more sensitive, this track was played by Konstantin from Giegling at a closing and this is saying a lot already.

Then finishing with a duo from Germany : Annanan. A beautiful house full of what we were talking since the beginning of this article.

Enjoy your weekend and the playlist!

Hi! I’m Blacksheep, a music lover like all of you. Born in France, travelling the world in search of new sounds, new atmospheres, new crowd and new cultures has been essential. Djing through Lyon, Geneva, Berlin, Guangzhou, Seoul, and just landed in Australia in the beautiful city of Melbourne for a new adventure.