Blacksheep: Selection of the Week #1 – MULTICULTURAL

A new regular Friday treat, you will find a selection gathering some new discovering new of old that is a blend of all evolutions of electronic music from the smoother to the darker, just need to be soulful or incredibly dancing.

Thanks to all streaming websites, we are now able to listen to every producer in the world with just one clic. During my last years spent in Berlin, I discovered a new kind of electronic music that was coming from Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Turkey, Easter Europe and many others that was involving traditional music and modern sounds. I’m presenting to you today a selection of different countries that show the evolution of music itself. Based on a rhythm that can be slower than usual, it keeps you dancing and moving using different movements.


You will find some label as Multi Culti from Canada, one of the main label in this kind, Basic Fingers from England, Lump Records from Chile that are giving tracks for free, Tropical Twista Records from Brazil, Disco Halal from Germany for the oriental sounds, and others.


Many festivals start playing this music that fit perfectly with a certain vibe. We can find more and more festival every year in South America that presenting most of those artists and show another way of celebrating music.

Enjoy the selection and share it if you like it!

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Hi! I’m Blacksheep, a music lover like all of you. Born in France, travelling the world in search of new sounds, new atmospheres, new crowd and new cultures has been essential. Djing through Lyon, Geneva, Berlin, Guangzhou, Seoul, and just landed in Australia in the beautiful city of Melbourne for a new adventure.