New Release: Francis Inferno Orchestra – Oasis (Celestial Body Mix)

Words: Jackson Gray

Undoubtedly one of Melbourne’s finest house music exports, Francis Inferno Orchestra, delivers once again with a strong follow-up to his stunning 2015 cut ‘Harmony’.

New track ‘Oasis’ is taken from the latest 12” to be released on his very own label Superconcious Records (founded alongside fellow Melbourne favourite Fantastic Man), which has also featured releases from the likes of András and Mount Liberation Unlimited.

The track builds momentum nicely, gradually adding layers of instrumentation whilst inspiring imagery of first light at a warehouse rave. The ‘Celestial Body Mix’ really starts to live up to its name midway through the composition. As the break beat that has carried the song so far is cut apart and turned on its head, it gives way to a dreamy pad, which perfectly contradicts the urgent discord of the tracks opening synth stabs. But this moment of weightless euphoria is fleeting as it swiftly drops back into the hypnotic break-beat groove. Before long it is joined by an infectious synth melody that brings new life into the cut, before it disappears as quickly as it came. Fucking sick.

‘Oasis (Celestial Body Mix)’ features on the ‘Oasis and A Time’ 12”, which will be out via Superconscious Records on 27.01.2017.