The Smokers Review: The Mercat

How many darts out of 5 would you rate your favourite club in Melbourne?
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Event: Spin Club (Monthly Saturday night)

The smoker’s area at The Mercat is makeshift. The designated area is made up of cones and ropes. There are no seats, just flat bitumen and some neighbouring shop fronts to lean or sit against. I’ve heard many people complain about The Mercat’s smokers but can never understand their reason/remember the particular conversation had at the time.

There’s never a shortage of filters/papers when asking around after scabbing some tobacco off a mate. It’s also a luxury to come and go from the smokers and “explore” the market which is a ghost town afterhours. There are four different types of bank ATM’s only 20 metres away for anyone who despises the $2 that is stolen from every withdrawal.

The staff and bouncers at The Mercat are always very friendly. I snuck a beer outside and after one of the bouncers caught me sipping he just said “I don’t care if you bought that to the venue or bought it inside, go back inside and finish that drink behind doors”.

The Mercat smokers gets a rating of: 3.5/5 darts

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